Maternity Photographer

Maternity & Bumps

First of all congratulations! If you’re reading this you’re probably pregnant. Pregnancy is a very exciting time. Whether it is your first, second or even third child on its way. You may think there is no way you’ll miss the exhaustion, heartburn, morning sickness etc. but once you’re no longer pregnant you very quickly forget all of this and all you’re left with are the feelings…of love, joy and connection to your baby.

This is the time to preserve these moments through beautiful photographs that you will cherish for years to come.

Your comfort is most important to me, please be assured that this is my priority during our maternity session. I strive to not only capture beautiful moments for you and your partner, but also make the experience enjoyable and comfortable.

When to book

Your maternity session should ideally be booked between 32-36 weeks. This is a time where most women have a nice large bump but haven’t gotten so big that it’s uncomfortable to move.

Indoor or Outdoor?

It’s up to you. Your session should reflect you and your personality. A phone consultation is included in every session so we can determine together the look and feel you want in your images.

How long is a session?

A session can be anywhere from 30mins to an hour depending on how you’re feeling.

Who can I bring to a session?

This session can be all about you if you like or you’re also welcome to bring your significant other and any other children you have.